Snail Games Launches Heroes of Gaia on iOS

Heroes of GaiaSnail Games has announced the launch of Heroes of Gaia on iOS devices. Previously released as a browser title, this turn-based strategy game takes players to the world of Rigaria, where they’ll fight for control as one of four races: Human, Elf, Undead and Barbarian, each with their own combat advantages.

Players progress through Heroes of Gaia by completing quests, which see them exploring environments and defeating their enemies. Each overall environment in the world is covered in clouds, and players uncover key locations, as well as enemies, under these clouds by tapping to move their hero around. These key locations may include gold mines and other locations that can be occupied for resources, or may include standalone piles of loot that can be collected for the player’s treasury.

Once players find an enemy, they’ll head into battle, which takes place on a grid-based battlefield. Battles are turned-based, but instead of an entire team taking its turn at a single time, each individual unit takes a turn separately. That is, players may have five units on their team, but only one may be allowed to attack before a member of the opposing team can move.Heroes of GaiaPlayers must move their units within attack range of their enemies (which counts as a turn), or use ranged attacks to deal damage from a distance. Players receive resources for completing battles, and can collect items like soul stones over time, which are used to recruit additional units for their team.

In between battles, players can head back to their city to organize their team, with over 40 unique units being available for eventual collection. Users manage the collection of resources, like lumber and gold, and can use these to upgrade their base and army.

Outside of this standard campaign mode, users can compete against others in multiplayer battles, including a fortress defense mode.

Heroes of Gaia is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store. It offers in-app purchases for premium content, and is coming soon to Google Play.