SnagFilms for iPad: Free Streaming Documentary Movies

SnagFilms is a free streaming video service that focuses on documentary movies. It appears to be entirely underwritten by Goldman Sachs. You’ll see Goldman Sachs pre-roll commercials when viewing a video. Goldman Sachs does not say why they are underwriting this effort either on the SnagFilms or their own corporate website.

The SnagFilms iPad app was until today nearly unusable. The app frequently crashed, was very slow, and video sometimes took two to three minutes to appear after a video’s audio started. Fortunately, the 1.4.1 upgrade seems to have fixed these issues. If you tried this app previously and deleted it from your iPad because it seemed broken, you might want to give it another chance. You can find it in the iTunes App Store at:


You can tell other people about documentaries you’ve watched on SnagFilms via email, Facebook, or Twitter. I tested sharing information to Facebook. You can see what the resulting status update looks like below.