Smule Responds to Issues I Raised About the I Am T-Pain 1.1 for iPhone Update

On November 30, I noted Smule’s “I Am T-Pain” 1.1 for iPhone update and noted…

Am T-Pain for iPhone Becomes General Purpose Karaoke App – Loses Auto-Tune-iness

I’m a huge fan of the “I Am T-Pain” app. So, I asked Smule to respond to the issues I noted. They were kind enough to provide detailed response. Here it is:

1. It takes a long time to load your library list

– I Am T-Pain utilizes the iPhone OS iTunes Library integration feature, so load times would be characteristic of apps taking advantage of this functionality. Load times will vary based on the size of the user’s library.

2. My iPhone 3G crashed while trying to go back to the iTunes library a second time from inside of the app
3. A soft-reboot was needed to let me see the iTunes library from inside the app

– Occasionally issues arise when new versions of software are installed. As with many iPhone apps, it’s a good idea to do a soft reboot after new software is installed.

4. During subsequent testing, my iPhone went to sleep during tests of well under a minute (perhaps less than 30 seconds)

– Normally, the only time the iPhone screen should go to dark is during recording on the mic screen… if you were to move something over the upper left hand corner of the device, it would activate the screen lock sensor (same as when you talk on the phone to prevent your face accidentally activating buttons on the touch screen). We’ve been able to reproduce this issue, and it will be resolved in the next release.

5. The signature Auto-Tune sound seems to be dialed a lot lower than in the 1.0 release. I verified this by listening to a test recording made using 1.0 and then creating a second recording.

– The Auto-Tune technology hasn’t changed with this version. Is it possible that the 2nd recording was made with Auto-Tune set to the chromatic scale? This would greatly diminish the Auto-Tune effect. It would be useful to know if this 2nd recording was done with an iTunes library song vs a built-in T-Pain song. All the built-in T-Pain songs have scale information which is downloaded with the music track to help with the Auto-Tune. For iTunes library songs, we don’t have this data, and instead default to the C major scale which may or may not work best for the actual song.