Smule Magic Fiddle for iPad: Tip – Turn Your iPad Topside-Down When Playing

Videos courtesy of smuleage

Smule is known for its musical iPhone and iPad apps like Ocarina, Magic Piano, Glee, and I Am T-Pain. Their latest entry is a bold one: A $2.99 virtual violin app for the iPad.

Magic Fiddle (iTunes App)

The violin is, I’m told, a difficult instrument to learn to play (let alone master). Smule provided an evaluation copy for me to try. As a non-violin player, I can tell you that this app is challenging to play even in its guided game-like mode. It is apparently difficult for professional musicians too. If you listen to the Smule provided video of the St. Lawrence String Quartet, you can start to hear bad (off pitch) notes starting about a minute into the nearly 3 minute long piece. You can see and hear a Magic Fiddle performance without blown notes in another Smule provided video below. That’s Smule co-founder and CTO Ge Wang playing on the left side of the video.

TIP: Turn your iPad topside down (power button towards your body) when you play Magic Fiddle. If you hold it right side up (power button away from your body), you will constantly accidentally press the volume buttons.