SMOSH’s Food Battle: The Game Launches on iOS, Android

Food Battle: The GameComedy brand and popular YouTube channel SMOSH, in partnership with Roadhouse Interactive, has announced the launch of Food Battle: The Game on iOS and Android devices. The partially fan-funded title stars the most popular characters from the SMOSH brand, and sees players (as Anthony) defending the village of Tickputt against an invading donut army using food-based weapons like a “Celery Sword”  and “Burrito Bombs.”

Food Battle: The Game is a level-based action-adventure title that sees players completing quests and collecting stars by tapping on the ground to move, and tapping on enemies to attack. Players can keep track of Anthony’s health in the bottom left corner of the screen, and if Anthony falls during a stage, gamers can give up and try again, or pay premium currency to keep going where they left off.

Players start with a basic Celery Sword, but after they rescue Ian’s mother from the donut army, users can ask her to cook better weapons (and premium clothing items) using the ingredients they collect in levels. While items like the Celery Sword are melee items, others, like the Burrito Bomb, are ranged weapons. The Burrito Bomb specifically is used to destroy things like large boulders, but players only have a limited amount of power to use these sorts of weapons, before they need to wait for that power to recharge.

Each level has a basic overall objective, but may also contain bonus items, like wooden chests that contain coins and crafting ingredients, bushes that hide buttons that must be pressed to open gates, and so on. Players can unlock up to three stars in each level, with many of these being hidden in cages that players must first discover and destroy before they’re earned.Food Battle: The GameIn addition to collecting ingredients naturally while playing, gamers can spend premium currency on chests that contain these items. There are multiple varieties of chests available to open, with the potential rarity of their contents determining their prices. As mentioned, users can also spend premium currency to unlock special clothing (armor) items for Anthony.

“We are beyond excited for Food Battle: The Game and [to] see our creative vision come to life,” said Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox, co-founders of SMOSH, in a statement. “It has been a lifelong dream to create a SMOSH-inspired game and it has been an amazing experience to be part of the development process. Words can’t express just how excited we are for SMOSH fans to get their hands on the game and save Tickputt from mutant donuts!”

In addition to gathering funding from fans during an IndieGoGo campaign, the title was further supported by SMOSH’s parent company, DEFY Media. Food Battle: The Game is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

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