Smosh Video for Sun Drop Soda Racks Up 2 Million Views

YouTube duo promotes soda's 'surprisingly good' campaign

Sun Drop believes its soda tastes "surprisingly good." And to drive its marketing campaign home, the brand has tapped the hugely popular YouTube duo Smosh to make a video that highlights other things that are, well, surprisingly good.

The video, titled "Good VS Surprisingly Good," went live on Friday and has already attracted more than 2.3 million views on YouTube. Here's a sample of what the four-minute clip has to offer. Rollerblading? Good. Rollerblading with training wheels? Surprisingly good. Waking up in bed is good. But waking up next to your clone is surprisingly good.

The branding is subtle enough that a casual viewer could miss the Sun Drop product placements altogether. The soda appears in two scenes in the video, first during a date with a robot and again ahead of a picnic with a vampire.

Alloy Digital, owner of the Smosh brand, said the video is part of additional marketing efforts, including a Twitter giveaway connected to the #SmoshSunDrop hashtag.

"Sun Drop is moving beyond the banner ad by activating the social and marketing strength of Smosh to share the brand message in a way that resonates with Millennial [stet] consumers," the company said in a release. "With this custom video campaign, the brand leverages Smosh's massive audience with additional media running across the Alloy Digital Network to further propel the brand message and custom content."

Smosh has nearly 10 million YouTube subscribers, and the duo's videos have been viewed more than 2 billion times.

Watch the Smosh video below:

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