88% Of Brands Will Use Social Media Marketing In 2014 [STUDY]

Almost nine in ten U.S. companies will use social media for marketing purposes in 2014, as brands look to channel even more budget into paid social advertising in the coming years.

In their Social Media Advertising: Seven Trends For 2014 report, eMarketer polled U.S. companies of 100 or more employees, and found that 88 percent plan to use social media for marketing in 2014.

That’s an impressive number, but 87 percent of these U.S. companies used social media for marketing this year, up from 85 percent in 2012. So, overall, not much of a difference, but it does show that the enthusiasm for social as a marketing strategy is not waning.

When asked to rate different digital ad platforms based on importance, Twitter finished third behind Google and Facebook.

(Source: eMarketer. Social media image: Jason A. Howie via Flickr.)