Latest Smithsonian Magazine Features Gaggle of Celebrity Contributors

Want to read Martha Stewart’s thoughts on the Singer sewing machine? How about Frank DeFord’s look at the legacy of baseball’s Negro League?

These and many other celebrity guest essays are part of the November issue of Smithsonian magazine, which takes a look at the “101 Objects That Made America.” The objects were culled from The Smithsonian’s collection of some 137 million artifacts housed at 19 different museums and research centers, and are part of a fall multimedia offensive:

Richard Kurin (under secretary for history, art and culture) has selected 50 different items for his parallel book debuting this month, The Smithsonian’s History of America in 101 Objects. The Smithsonian Channel’s four-part series, Seriously Amazing™ Objects, premiering November 25, features surprising encounters with many of these objects.

Object categories are: America in the World; Community; Discovery; Freedom; Happiness; Invention; Power; Voice; Wild America. And perhaps as a sign of these media times, Guttenberg did not crack the Inventions bracket.

The November issue is available in its entirety online, with video ads needing to be viewed before the jump of each guest essay. For those interested in buying the print edition, it retails at newsstands for $5.99.