Smirnoff Gives Media The Shaft

(image cred [Not the Smirnoff event])

Ah, the joys of being a journalist. You get invited to all sorts of promotional events, in hopes that free food and booze and perhaps a celebrity appearance or two will lead you to cover said event.

Sometimes, however, things don’t always workout as planned. Hence the scene outside a recent Smirnoff event, described by PR Week’s Tonya Garcia:

The invite for last night’s event said the doors would open at 7, but at 7:30, me and a gaggle of other people (all designated “VIPs,” most seemingly affiliated with the companies handling the event) were standing on a crazy long line outside the venue in the rain. Not cool at all.

So, Smirnoff did get their “hit,” but not exactly a positive review. Note to PR people working on events: let the media in. Fast. Especially in the rain.