Simplicity, Consistency And Social Media – How To Brand Your Small Business [INFOGRAPHIC]

Branding is an essential growth component for businesses of all shapes and sizes but it’s particularly important to SMBs looking to make their mark and separate themselves from their competitors.

Social channels such as Twitter and Facebook have empowered small firms to reach vast audiences – locally, nationally and internationally – but if these platforms are managed incorrectly (or, even worse, started with enthusiasm then dropped when the results don’t immediately match the workload) then the organization risks looking amateurish, which can actually hurt your branding strategy.

This infographic from takes a closer look at how to brand your small business, which includes the following six takeaways:

  1. Know your target
  2. Keep it simple
  3. Stay consistent
  4. Be visible
  5. Get social, and
  6. Have a voice

(Source: Branding image via Shutterstock.)