Smashwords Releases Book Discovery Tool

Self-publishing platform Smashwords has released a new tool to help authors make their books more discoverable. It’s called Series Manager and it gives writers the ability to attach their books to series, as well as manage series metadata.

Here is more from the Smashwords blog:

Once authors organize their series titles within Series Manager, readers can easily identify books within a series, or across related series.  Just as importantly, series metadata will give our retailers greater flexibility to promote books within a series.  Let’s say, for example, a retailer wants to do a merchandising promotion of the top 50 bestselling Smashwords series that have a free series starter.  Without the series metadata, it would be nearly impossible for Smashwords or our retailer to accurately identify which books are in a series, and in which order. 

Smashwords has been making headlines recently. This month, the company published its 250,000th book and signed a distribution partnership with the new eBook subscription service Oyster. In addition, Mark Coker, the site’s founder has earned the BISG Disruptor Award for its for its First Annual BISG Industry Awards which will take place later this month.