250,000 eBooks Self-Published at Smashwords

Self publishing platform Smashwords published its 250,000th book this month. The company did not say the title of the book, but they did blog about how much the company has grown over the past five years.

In 2008, when the company launched, they published 140 books. In 2009, they were up to 6,000. In 2010 they were up to 28,800. By 2011, they had reached 92,000 books. Last year, they were up to 191,000 and this year they grew to 250,000.

Here is more from the Smashwords blog: “In the last 30 days, over 9,000 books were released at Smashwords.  In 2008, we released 140 books in the first year. The 250,000 books comprise 8.5 billion words.  Imagine the millions of hours of love that went into these books. Imagine the cultural treasures that are now available and discoverable to future generations.”

In addition, Smashwords also announced a new partnership with the eBook subscription service Oyster. Under the partnership, Smashwords books will be available to Oyster members that pay a monthly subscription fee for eBooks. It works like Spotify for music or Netflix for movies. Smashwords titles will go live on Oyster in a few weeks.