Smashwords Publishes 20,000th eBook

Self-publishing website Smashwords published its 20,000th eBook this week. This is up from 6,000 at the end of 2009 and only 140 at the end of 2008. The publisher predicts that it will have published 25,000 titles by the end of the year.

Mark Coker, Founder of Smashwords, blogged about the significant milestone. He wrote: “Do numbers matter? Yes.  Each new author at Smashwords brings more books, and more books bring more readers and more readers bring more authors who bring more books. It’s a virtuous flywheel, catalyzed by the word of mouth of authors and readers who mutually benefit from the dynamic.”

The Smashwords catalog includes many authors such as: Brian S. Pratt, Ruth Ann Nordin, Randolph Lalonde, J.A. Konrath, P.B. Ryan, Shayne Parkinson, Rebecca Forster, Janice Daugharty, Jack Gregory, Ann Somerville, Lynn Flewelling and Carl East.

Coker also argues that indie publishing through these digital channels is growing. He continued: “Until recently, most authors aspired to land a traditional book deal. That sentiment is changing, judging from the emails I receive each week from authors who are done waiting months or years for a publisher to discover them. These authors have decided to turn their back on traditional publishing because they recognize the creative, economic and time-to-market advantages of indie ebook publishing.”