Smashwords Makes It Easier To Update Titles In Kobo & Apple

Self-publishing company Smashwords has speeded up its eBook retail release capabilities, making the process of releasing and making changes to an eBook quicker.

Changing the price of an eBook, which used to take about a week, now takes a day or two for Kobo and a few hours for Apple’s iBookstore. Smashwords founder Mark Coker explains in his blog: “This means you can change a price from your Smashwords Dashboard and the new price, in multiple currencies, will reflect across Apple’s 32 iBookstores, often within an hour of your change.”

Coker hopes that the process of digitally publishing a book will one day happen in real time. He continues: “Price updates will appear the fastest, especially at Apple.  New book deliveries or other book updates are subject to processing times at each individual retailer.  The holy grail – which won’t be achievable anytime soon – is true real-time or near-real-time updates across all retailers from your Smashwords Dashboard.  Although we don’t expect to achieve this anytime soon, it’s the direction we’ll always drive toward.