Smashwords Author Runs Online Contest For New eBook

Self-published author Cheryl Kaye Tardif aka Cherish D’Angelo is running a virtual book tour to support her new eBook called Lancelot’s Lady. As part of the promotion, readers can enter to win a Kobo eReader, as well as free eBooks.

The book is about a nurse who has an affair with a dying billionaire during a Bahamas holiday. Lancelot’s Lady came out on September 18th, via Smashwords, one of the titles, helping the community publishing site reach its 20,000th eBook milestone last week.

The “Cherish the Romance” Virtual Launch Party & Book Tour kicked off today and runs through October 10th. Readers are encouraged to leave a comment on any book blog/site during her tour and share their email address to be entered to win prizes. Anyone who does this will automatically receive a free eBook. The Kobo winner will be announced on October 10th.