SmartThings Lets You Check Temperature Of Your House Even If You Are Not There

Want to check up on things at your house but no one is home? A new startup called SmartThings has created a set of tools that let you use technology to check up on your home without anyone having to be there.

One tool package from the company is called “Home Watch.” It lets you keep track of your home’s temperature, moisture, vibration, and even motion whether you are there or not. So for example, if you are away on vacation, but you live in a cold place, you can make sure the heater is working properly and set the tool to alert you if the temperature drops below a certain temperature.

The company offers other platforms that let you use mobile to help manage your home including a Home Security tool and “Family Life,” which lets you keep track of who is coming and going and in what room in the house. The Minneapolis-based company raised more than $1.2 million using Kickstarter from more than 5,000 backers. The tools are currently available for presale for shipment in the spring 2013. (Via Eric Kuhn)