Smart/Sneaky Phone Tricks To Get Candidates To Call You Back

Listen up, passive-candidate recruiters: If you’re hiring for a boring-sounding position, don’t call it that in your phone message. Please.

Recruiting consultant Lou Adler posts at about phone tricks to pique your candidates’ interest and turn the pursuer-pursuee relationship around. I don’t know about this whole “reticular activator” thing, but check out some of these voice mail lines:

1. Your mother called and told me she wanted you to consider this job. (This actually worked.)
2. Your boss just called and strongly suggested you consider this job. (This didn’t work too well, but it’s worth a shot.)
3. You’re the 87th person I’ve called for this senior-level creative director level position, and I haven’t found anyone creative yet. I hope you’re not like the other 86. Even if you’re not interested in the job, I’d love a new idea for a better voice mail.
4. We’re trying to adopt the marketing concepts Obama used to become President. We’d like to talk to you, if you think you can help.
5. Our team of seven ASIC design engineers is looking for a new leader. Two of them said they’d like that person to be you.
6. We just opened a req for a new security analyst cadet for Star Fleet Academy’s Class of 2387. Is this something you’d like to explore? There is some travel involved.
7. Have you heard the story about the priest and the rabbi who went into the bar across from Fenway? If not, I’d like to tell you about it and what it has to do with our new Plant Manager position.
8. I call every person I’m referred to at least eight times before giving up. This is the 3rd call.
9. (Name) just suggested I give you a call. He said you’re one of the best people he’s every worked with, and while you’re probably not now interested in our executive marketing position, he thought you’d know someone who would be. (This one always works if the name is important enough.)