Smartphone Showdown: a painful game of smartphone-deprivation

smartphone chicken

If it’s true that users do spend over 30 hours each month using smartphone apps, it should be no surprise that some, if not many, users are spending many more hours on their phone. Some might even call it an addiction.

If you’re one of the afflicted, you might find the Smartphone Chicken game from this Vooza comedy skit a great way to start breaking the habit. Practice by testing out how long you can go without touching your smartphone. Can you do it for more than a few hours or even as long as a whole day? It’s likely to be hard for most.  Once you’ve mastered the self-deprivation, make it a game with other smartphone addicts!

If you find this an exercise in futility, we can definitely sympathize. However, you should try this app, Breakfree, that measures how much time you spend on your phone.