Smart Phone Note – for Those Times When You Need a Notebook and a Tablet

A South Korean developer has come up with a novel solution to the problem of klutzes (like me) knocking our phones off a tablet.

The Smart Phone Note is a hybrid notebook with a foam cut-out for your iPhone (or iPod Touch). It’s designed to let you use your iPhone as an integral part of the notebook, whether by taking a picture, transcribing the screen contents, or just letting it sit in a protective cocoon.

The dimensions of the notebook are a little odd. It’s about 5.8″ by 8″, and that’s smaller than any notebook I usually carry.  That’s the combined iPhone+ paper, so the actual writing space is much smaller. Of course, the iPhone screen will be even smaller than that, so perhaps the relatively small size of the notebook is a good idea. This way the iPhone won’t be dominated by the paper.

It’s available now in South Korea for 30,000 Won (~$ 28).

Smart Phone Note product page via Wired