‘Small Number’ Of Newsroom Jobs ‘Affected’ At Washington Post

The fourth floor at the Washington Post is being reorganized, with features sections and staffers moving all over the place, according to a memo from Washington Post executive editor Marcus Brauchli & other top Post execs and obtained by FBDC.

Travel and Food are being combined into one staff that will report to Joe Yonan, who had already held the top post in each of those sections.

Meanwhile, the Books staff is being split up—fiction editors will report to Style while nonfiction will move to Outlook.

“While these changes are meant to enhance the quality, quantity and range of content we produce in these groups, they will affect a small number of newsroom jobs,” the memo said. “We don’t make these decisions lightly; they are a necessary part of our continuing effort to create a lean newsroom structure capable of producing the high-quality journalism our readers expect from us.”

The Post company just reported its 2nd-quarter earnings last Friday wherein net income had dropped by half and the publishing division reported a $2.9 million loss.

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