Small Gains for the Top Facebook Games on This Week’s New Daily Active Users List

Zynga has swapped out one game for another on this week’s AppData list of top Facebook games by growth in daily active users (DAU). Last week it was FarmVille; now it’s  Texas HoldEm Poker, one of the company’s first successes.

There’s a big difference between today’s list and last week, though. Last Wednesday, the top five entries had amassed over six million new DAU. Today, we’re showing less than a million DAU gained for the top five. Some of this is probably due to more of Facebook’s recent analytics errors, but there may be another explanations too, like a shift in how the platform counts new users. Here are all 20:

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name DAU Gain Gain, %
1. Texas HoldEm Poker 6,033,218 +311,497 +5.16
2. MindJolt Games 2,853,133 +234,366 +8.21
3. SPP Ranch! 216,500 +123,019 +56.82
4. Island Paradise 2,075,752 +106,337 +5.12
5. My City Life 461,588 +106,307 +23.03
6. Top Fish 120,335 +61,292 +50.93
7. Ninja Saga 576,708 +58,214 +10.09
8. Send Glitter! 74,851 +58,013 +77.50
9. Mafia Wars 6,257,276 +52,387 +0.84
10. Mahjongg Dimensions 66,204 +48,323 +72.99
11. Jungle Jewels 373,344 +46,142 +12.36
12. Bubble Island 67,943 +42,722 +62.88
13. SCRABBLE 249,097 +39,833 +15.99
14. My Town 662,929 +39,262 +5.92
15. FARKLE 705,178 +37,300 +5.29
16. Collect Roses 57,969 +34,051 +58.74
17. Happy Island 2,960,032 +33,793 +1.14
18. Farkle 2 73,913 +28,092 +38.01
19. Roulette Madness 57,990 +27,302 +47.08
20. GooBox – Jeux Gratuits 365,388 +25,388 +6.95

Both Texas HoldEm and MindJolt Games are large, so their gains aren’t terribly significant, in view of their overall playerbase. But both apps have also been trending up for longer than a week, particularly MindJolt, which is creeping toward three million DAU.

SPP Ranch and its partner in crime at number six, Top Fish, are both games by Slide. We pointed out the growth of three Slide games last Friday, and it would appear that whatever Slide is doing is still working. Over at Inside Facebook we’re also seeing some gains for the Slide FunSpace app, although there are clearly some reporting errors from Facebook skewing its ranking.

Also take note of My City Life, at number five. Like My Town, which is down at number 14, this game is a pure city -builder in the style of SimCity, which is somewhat rare on Facebook. Both of these games are gaining well; keep an eye out for a story later today, in which we explain why.

Finally, if you haven’t taken a look yet at Bubble Island, check it out at number 13. It’s a new bubble blaster game by Wooga, a German developer, that is gaining strongly. We reviewed the game last week.

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