Small Businesses Doubled Twitter Use in 2010

Twitter is becoming an increasingly viable part of small and medium businesses’ social media presences. According to recent statistics, SMBs have more than doubled their use of Twitter.

eMarketer reports findings from the “Local Commerce Monitor – Wave 14” paper by BIA/Kelsey and ConStat which show that Twitter use among SMBs increased from just 9% in Q3 of 2009 to 19% in Q4 of 2010.

This increase in Twitter use shows that SMBs are embracing the cheap, open network as part of their marketing tactics. However, the report also shows that the use of the more traditional yellow pages to advertise remained constant at 29% during the same period.

Although Twitter use is on the rise, the study also shows that it’s not quite in the league of Facebook just yet – 48% of SMBs studied had a Facebook account compared to the 19% that had Twitter.

Nonetheless, this growth is significant. SMBs typically don’t have the marketing budget of larger companies, so Twitter is an attractive option. It requires no startup costs, and not even a dedicated employee to run it. Depending on the type of use (whether for networking, brand awareness, customer service, etc.), SMBs can keep a Twitter account running smoothly for pennies a day.