“Slutty” Reporters?

This is what Washington is really talking about this morning (heat wave, be damned): Who is the “reporter” and the “writer” that Maureen Dowd writes about in her weekend column about the evolution of the word “slut”?

    One 24-year-old Washington reporter agreed that “redos” of previous partners can keep your number below the slut threshold, defined by two of her male friends as “less than 20.” She thinks she is “chaste” with a number of six, but admits she sometimes subtracts one or two when telling a guy her romantic history. She said she kept dating Mr. Six after she’d lost interest simply because she didn’t want to up the number to Mr. Seven.

    One 25-year-old writer in D.C. said his ideal girl’s number is one or two fewer than his. When he had “the numbers talk” with one date, she gave him an answer that he found both satisfactory and sexy: “Enough to know what I’m doing.”

Obviously, if you know, we want to know…