Slow News Day?

…or business as usual? Thanks to Mr. Columbus, some media folks have the day off. We have a report from one Hotliner, who is “Honoring Columbus by watching a marathon of The O.C DVDs today.”

We rage with jealousy, although we’d prefer a marathon of “Lost” reruns instead.

So, chime in DC media: How are you passing this Monday, either in the office or out: Same ‘ol, same ‘ol? Catching up on more long-term feature stories? Cleaning up around the office? Finally having that coffee with so-and-so? Watching O.C. reruns? Trying to wrap your head–still–around the Judith Miller saga?

Yeah, we are too.

Update 7:49pm: A reader thinks the Hotliner has misspent his/her day.

    OC DVD’s? Puhleeese … try the new “Family Guy” DVD instead!! That coupled with finally filling out my new car insurance, going for a quality grocery store visit and catching up on “Newsweek,” “Time” “washingtonian” and “The Economist.” A quality day off.