Slow Down That Promotion Train

Heard of the Peter Principle? That everyone in a hierarchical organization (i.e. your office) will eventually be promoted into incompetence?

Turns out that not only is that satirical principle actually true at least in theory, but one such organization has found that slowing down the rate of promotions is working really well.

“I saw people flourish at one level, and when we tried to move them to another level, they would fall apart,” David Bianconi, founder and CEO of Progressive Medical Inc, told SmartBusiness Columbus.

“I have ruined a couple people and I blame myself for that. I put them in a position not to succeed but to fail. I understand it now, but unfortunately, it was at their expense.”

Now Bianconi says he gives people extra duties before handing over the bigger title and salary. And provides support and performance evaluations.

Seems obvious in retrospect, but managers seem to have the instinct that a promotion is a reward (which it often is), and therefore, giving someone extra work without a reward is a punishment. We see that side of it, too, but there’s got to be a way that bosses can prep their promotion candidates for a new role without just throwing ’em into it. Right?

photo: jurvetson