SlotoQuest: Gambling Adventure on top of this week’s emerging games on Facebook

Slots game SlotoQuest: Gambling Adventure took the top spot on this week’s top emerging games on Facebook, growing by an estimated 19,901 monthly active users for a 24 percent gain. AppData estimates that this puts the game at 91,210 MAU.

Coming in at the No. 2 spot for the second week in a row is GamePoint’s German word game WortSalat with 19,556 new MAU for a gain of 64 percent. 2Bsocial’s dinosaur-themed Jurassic Farm took the No. 3 spot with 18,903 MAU for a gain of 27 percent. Coming in at the  No. 4 spot is Turkish developer Consala’s Pirate-themed Son Korsan with 18,283 MAU for a 57 percent gain. Finally, closing out this week’s list top emerging games on Facebook is Spanish developer Pot Country’s País do Baseado with 18,120 MAU and a 25 percent gain.

This week also saw significant gains in emerging apps outside the top 5. Starting at the No. 8 spot through the No. 11 spot, Bytro Labs’ Supremacy 1914, Spelpunt’s Spelpunt Bingo, Idea Channel’s CASTLOT and Akamon Entertainment’s Roulette all showed a gain of 97 percent. Lastly, Webkinz Friends from developer Ganz came in at No. 14 spot with a gain of 95 percent.

1.  SlotoQuest: Gambling Adventurexxxxx91,210+19,901+ 28%
2.  WortSalat50,117+19,556+ 64%
3.  Jurassic Farm90,212+18,903+ 27%
4.  Son Korsan50,117+18,283+ 57%
5.  País do Baseado90,212+18,120+ 25%
6.  Royal Casino Slots96,477+14,981+ 18%
7.  KnobelParty75,976+14,854+ 24%
8.  Supremacy 191420,047+9,860+ 97%
9.  Spelpunt Bingo20,047+9,860+ 97%
10.  CASTLOT20,047+9,860+ 97%
11.  Roulette20,047+9,860+ 97%
12.  Ashtaria30,070+9,696+ 48%
13.  TheFacemons30,070+9,696+ 48%
14.  Webkinz Friends19,865+9,678+ 95%
15.  Warzone40,094+9,533+ 31%
16.  Crazy Car50,117+9,369+ 23%
17.  ILikeBasketball50,117+9,369+ 23%
18.  Motorcycle Madness60,141+9,206+ 18%
19.  EcoCity60,141+9,206+ 18%
20.  Playwright Slots60,141+9,206+ 18%


All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppData. Come back next week for our top weekly gainers by monthly active users on Monday, our daily active users on Wednesday, and the top emerging apps on Friday.