Slot Machines and Sports See Growth on This Week’s List of Emerging Facebook Games

Wooga’s newly-launched Magic Land leads this week’s list of emerging Facebook games, but it’s a combination of sports-themed games and slot machine sims that make the strongest showing.

We’ve previously discussed how sports-themed titles like ESPN Sports Bar & Grill and Premier League Fantasy Football (plus all its international versions) are likely getting lifts in monthly active and daily active users as a result of England’s Premier League season opening this month. The sudden spike in slot machine sims with SlotSpot, JackpotJoy, and GameShow is less easily explained, but nobody can deny the overall popularity of the genre on Facebook.

Top Gainers This Week – Games

1. Magic Land315,153+288,002+1,061%
2. SlotSpot – Best Free Slot Machines670,991+248,902+59%
3.  ESPN Sports Bar & Grill872,253+242,010+38%
4.  Premier League Fantasy Football842,936+197,998+31%
5. Edgeworld567,274+128,553+29%
6. Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy831,969+121,316+17%
7. 胡萊三國574,887+119,169+26%
8. JackpotJoy Slots896,337+115,858+15%
9.  Fantasy La Liga130,005+104,861+417%
10.  Castle & Co335,856+97,779+41%
11.  Spot The Difference337,803+95,028+39%
12.  Galaxía Online II, Mejor Juego de Ciencia Ficción880,180+84,422+11%
13.  Megaband300,414+75,438+34%
14.  RocketBird514,318+75,175+17%
15.  Tavla916,345+74,078+9%
16. GameShow Slot Machines229,850+73,764+47%
17.  Galaksi Online II Türkçe: En İyi Bilim Kurgu Oyunu539,006+63,141+13%
18.  We Are Music530,215+60,969+13%
19. 1 vs 100831,300+60,763+8%
20.  Buraco by Gazeus406,529+59,722+17%

At No.7 is 胡萊三國 (Hoolai Sanguo), a hybrid strategy role-playing game with citybuilding elements set in China’s Three Kingdoms era. The game saw enough success on Chinese social network QQ Zone that the developers decided to bring it to Facebook — where many Chinese-language apps are finding audiences, despite Facebook still being banned in mainland China. Developer Hoolai Social Game Ltd partnered with 6waves Lolapps to publish the Facebook version.

All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppData. Come back next week for our top weekly gainers by monthly active users on Monday, our daily active users on Wednesday, and the top emerging apps on Friday.