Sliwa Solicits ”Chump Change” on NY1


Last night’s Political Rundown segment of NY1’s Inside City Hall led off with the question of what Curtis Sliwa thinks of the Don Imus situation. Sliwa responded, ”you know more than I do.” Imus, who El Diario’s Gerson Borrero called a ”broken down old man,” is replacing Curtis and Kuby in the Morning.

Sliwa joked that on the way to the NY1 studio on the A train, people gave him ”chump change.” Sliwa then took a coffee cup and solicited for some change. Dominic Carter and Borrero then each tossed coins of unknown denomination into the cup.

Sliwa took several shots at the WABC management team for leaving the fate of the show up in the air.

(image via nymag)