Slingplayer Coming To The iPad

Slingplayer Mobile is an app that you can use to view television shows on your smartphone, and a version of it is being developed for the iPad. While I have not been too enthusiastic about watching TV on my smartphones, I think the size of the iPad makes it perfect for watching TV. In order to watch TV using the Slingplayer app you will need to buy a Slingbox, which is a hardware device that connects to your cable TV and the Internet so that it can transmit the TV via the Internet. The Slingbox takes over operation of your cable TV set top box so that if you change changes with the Slingplayer the channel also changes on the TV the Slingbox is connected to.

Slingplayer Mobile costs $29.99 and is available today for iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, and Windows Phone 7 phones, and the iPad version will cost the same. The Windows Phone version just became available in the Windows Phone Marketplace. Slingplayer Mobile for the iPad is not yet available but you can sign-up to be notified when it becomes available. The Slingbox Solo costs $179 and you will find it at Best Buy and you can buy it online.