SlingPlayer Coming for All 3G BlackBerries

slingplayer_blackberry.gifGearlog reports that Sling Media was showing off the SlingPlayer Mobile running on several BlackBerry models at the Mobile World Congress. Back at CES in January the company only had a demo for the BlackBerry Pearl, but this week it demo’d the placeshifting software on the T-Mobile BlackBerry 8320 and the BlackBerry 8820 from AT&T.

With the $30 SlingPlayer Mobile software installed, BlackBerry owners who have a Slingbox attached to their home TV can watch a stream of that home TV content on the BlackBerry.

According to Gearlog, Sling Media folks said that all BlackBerries that run on 3G or higher networks will eventually be able to use the software. None of this will happen, however, until RIM releases version 4.5 of its operating system, which brings the ability to stream video.