Slinging Angry Birds

I don’t play computer games, which I know makes me the exception more than the rule for a self-professed geek. Oh, I’ve killed a few minutes playing solitaire but nobody really considers solitaire to be a computer game. I did, however, install Labyrinth HD 2 on my iPad after reading about it online and have enjoyed the realism of the game play by tilting and moving the iPad. My wife found Labyrinth on my iPad and got hooked on getting through the different levels.

One day my wife mentioned something about Angry Birds, which is a very popular iPhone and iPad game. I had heard of Angry Birds and didn’t give it any thought, but I thought my wife might enjoy it, so I went ahead and bought it. While my wife is the reason why I got the game, I have to admit to getting hooked on it myself. There is something amusing about slinging those birds at those annoying green pigs, even if you can’t figure out how to move on to the next level.

If you are not familiar with Angry Birds, it’s really a pretty simple game. The green pigs are hidding around or under a variety of obstacles, and you slingshot the birds at the obstacles with the ultimate goal of squashing all the pigs. After all the pigs are gone you move on to the next level. Over time different types of birds are introduced into the game play, such as the the little blue birds that you tap mid-flight to mulitply. The game has nice graphics and nice audio, though I am glad you can turn the sound off because it can get annoying after a while.

Angry Birds is currently officially available for the Nokia N900, Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, but a beta of it was posted to the Android Market this morning. I’ve played a few levels of Angry Birds on my Nexus One and can report that it plays pretty well, though it is a beta and it did lock up on me once. Personally, I think the game is more enjoyable on the iPad’s larger screen, but it is just as amusing on the smaller screen of the Nexus One. Angry Birds Lite beta is available for free in the Android Market.