Opens Up to the Public and Becomes More Social

In a not so crowded online video portal market, we definitely have extra room for another player. Joining Hulu and the others is with its premium, high-quality video contents all available online and ready for us to stream and watch. is from Sling Media, the same company who brought as the Slingbox, an ITV tool which lets you watch TV channels on demand remotely from your computer. Sling Media later on also released the SlingPlayer, a downloadable software for Symbian Phones, Palm OS and Windows Mobile-powered smartphones which enables those who bought Slingbox to view programs on their favorite channels on their phones.

Along with the release of to the public, SlingMedia has also introduced some social networking elements to the site which enables users to create their own profiles which they can use to list down the videos, TV programs and movies in which they are subscribed to. members can also become fans of other members. offers various professionally created video contents and TV episodes and full-length movies. The video content comes from NBC-Fox partnership with Hulu and other TV companies such as CBS, PBS, BBC America and other video sites such as College Humor and

Checking out the site, seems a pretty decent video sites although it lacks the sleek design of But wha matters anyway are the contents and not so much about the technical site design. Fortunately, currently has some pretty good amount of premium contents already available.

Check out and enjoy watching your favorite TV programs right on your PC on a remote connection.