Slim Down That Resume

These days, most folks say that a resumé can be two pages if you really need it.

But headhunter Nick Corcodilos in his latest Ask The Headhunter newsletter (abridged version here) questions whether you really need that second page.

“At least 30% of any resume is jargon that’s in all resumes,” he writes. “The ‘objective,’ for example, is purely wasted space. Look at five resumes, and you’ll see similar jargon and gibberish about wanting a job with a growth-oriented company, and good opportunities, and a progressive work environment, where you can make a positive contribution as a team player by ‘working with people.’…Gimme a break. Gag me with a spoon.”

What else can you cut? Jargon. It doesn’t make you sound like you know the industry, it makes you dense and unclear. “If you can’t explain it so your grandmother or 12 year old daughter would understand it, leave it out,” writes Nick.

Finally, remember the resume should show solutions. “Managers are lousy at figuring out—from a resume—how you will profit their business. So you have to spoon feed them and explain it quickly.” (Nick doesn’t say it, but your cover letter should be doing this too.)

If your resume was 30% lighter, what would it look like?