Slide Soccer from Ludei Offers a Freemium Tabletop Sports Experience on iOS

Part foosball game, part shuffleboard, Slide Soccer from Ludei and Ideateca is a new free-to-play title for iOS that lets one or two players compete to score goals using sliding chips and a miniature soccer ball. The game launched on November 27 and is currently ranked No. 15 on the App Store’s list of most downloaded free games for iPhone and iPod touch. The universal app is also on the list of top downloaded free games for iPad at No. 35.

Slide Soccer utilizes a simple static rectangular play area decorated like a soccer field, with a goal at each end. Gameplay is viewed from overhead and utilizes 12 discs representing each side’s six players. The action can be either turn-based or real-time, with players tapping and sliding their fingers on a disc to choose the direction they wish to launch it in, as well as how much power they want to put into the shot. Another finger can be used to apply curve to the shot. By releasing their finger, players launch their disc in order to either hit the ball towards their opponent’s goal directly, by banking it off the side of the field, to knock their opponent out of the way, or simply put themselves into a better shooting position, a la pool.

Various settings are available for scoring, such as the first to two goals, or the most goals in a five minute period. Several field types, including grass, dirt, and ice, are available, along with different soccer ball material and disc types. These all affect the feel of the gameplay. Everything beyond the basic grass field, standard soccer ball, and basic player discs must be bought using in-app purchases for real money.

Players can choose to compete against the computer or another human player using the same device. Using Game Center, the game allows two players — friends or random opponents — to compete over the Internet in real-time, in addition to keeping track of high scores using Apple’s social gaming platform.

Slide Soccer was developed by Ludei, which is part of Bilbao, Spain-based Ideateca. Formed in 2008 by Eneko Knorr, founder of Spanish internet hosting firm Hostalia, Ideateca employs of staff of 18 and designs productivity apps in addition to social and mobile games. Ludei is focused on HTML5 gaming, and has developed tools for enabling other companies to rapidly port their HTML5-based titles to iOS and Android devices. Ideateca’s most popular gaming title to date has been iBasket, a basketball game for iOS that it claims has several million installs.

You can follow Slide Soccer’s progress using AppData, our tracking service for mobile games and developers.