Sleepy Wings: Wake Up Birds in this Facebook Match-Three Game

Sleepy WingsRoyalCactus has a new puzzle game available for Facebook gamers: Sleepy Wings. The game sees users completing levels by dragging their mouse on top of colorful, sleeping birds in order to wake them up and remove them from the screen. Each level has its own board layout and completion requirements, which become more complicated as players progress.

In each level of Sleepy Wings, players click and drag to create chains of at least three birds of the same color, horizontally, vertically and/or diagonally. When players create a chain at least six birds in length, a bomb is added to the screen. This bomb automatically detonates, clearing other birds from the screen without wasting moves. If the chain reaches 12 birds in length, it becomes more powerful, and removes even more birds upon detonation.

Each level has a different overall requirement. Some levels ask players to collect large numbers of specific colors of birds, while another level type asks players to return birds to birdhouses of matching colors. Birds can only be added to the birdhouses by linking the birds in a chain with the houses themselves. In these particular stages, any birds cleared by power-ups will also head into the birdhouses automatically. A third kind of level asks players to remove feathers from stone totems by including the totem(s) in matches with each color of bird on the screen.Sleepy WingsRegardless of level type, players must earn at least one of each stage’s three possible stars in order to move on. Any moves remaining at the end of the stage are turned into power-ups, which boost the player’s score, hopefully to the three-star ranking. Users can compare their high scores with their friends’ on the game’s level-specific leaderboards.

Users have access to power-ups while they play, which can be purchased with the coins they earn while playing. Coins can also be purchased in bulk with real money. These power-ups include a fire bomb, which clears one whole row and column from the screen at once, collecting all birds in those lines as a result. Another power is a lightning bolt, which clears every bird of a single color from the screen, regardless of location. Additional powers become available over time.

If players fail to complete a level’s goals before running out of moves, they lose a life. These recharge automatically over time, or can be purchased with real money. Users can also ask their friends to send them lives for free.

Sleepy Wings is available to play for free on Facebook.