Slate’s Suellentrop Steps To The Side

This just in off the Fishbowl newswire from Slate genius-in-residence/deputy Washington bureau chief Chris Suellentrop:

Friends, family, colleagues, Romans, countrymen, and lovers, as some of you know, I’ve decided to leave Slate after five terrific years to pursue the life of the freelance writer.

Yea, nothing like the romantic life of a freelancer: Sitting on your couch in pajamas all day, drinking at 9 a.m. and eating cereal at 6 p.m., watching Oprah and just dying to know what will happen tomorrow on “Life Goes On.” It sounds almost like, well, writing for an online publication….

If we can make a career suggestion, Chris, we hear that the Vanity Fair contributing writer gig is a sweet one. Best of luck and we hope to see that hard-to-spell byline again real soon.