Slate’s Shafer Sours on Kurtz

Slate‘s media writer Jack Shafer thinks the world of The Daily Beast Washington Bureau Chief/CNN “Reliable Sources host Howard Kurtz.

But that’s the thing, the world is vast. And Shafer can’t find Kurtz as easily as he could when Kurtz was at WaPo. His story focuses on NYT’s Frank Rich, who he worries could drift into the ether when he moves to New York Magazine. Rich will write a monthly column there as opposed to a weekly he writes now. Shafer wonders whether his new schedule will make his stories less disciplined. Then he lumps in Kurtz, saying he can’t quite figure out where the “iron man” of media went since his move to The Daily Beast last fall.

He writes, “It’s not my fault that I don’t read Kurtz as much anymore, and it won’t be my fault if I start missing Rich’s copy, either, even though I read every copy of New York that another Slate staffer doesn’t steal from my mailbox.”

…”Howard Kurtz, one of the iron men of journalism, has been floating in the ether ever since leaving the Washington Post for the Daily Beast last fall. He’s writing prolifically about the media and other topics for the Beast, as he did
for decades at the Post. But Kurtz’s copy used to be hand-delivered to my front door step. Now, even though I’ve got Kurtz’s RSS feed in my Google Reader, he’s sorta vanished on me.”

Kurtz told FishbowlDC: “I’m crushed. I’ve offered to deliver my pieces to Jack each morning while he eats his corn flakes.”