Slate (news site) Android App Worth a Try. It is Free & Fast

Slate released a free Android app to access their articles and podcasts (via streaming). Articles are categorized into News & Politics, Arts, Life, Business & Tech, Science and Blogs.
Meet Our New, Free Android App!
As a news junkie, I try most of the news apps from major content providers like Slate. Slate’s app doesn’t have a unique interface. But, it has done a lot right, in my opinion, in terms of navigation and content fetching.
1. Articles are presented in one long scrolling content piece. You do not have to jump to different pages to read a single article.
2. If you are viewing a particular article, swiping left or right moves backward or forward through the category’s article list. You do not have to return to the content list to read, for example, all of the science category articles. Unfortunatley, the swiping gesture on my Nexus One results in inconsistent results. I found myself in a different article by accident all too often. Then, it was sometimes difficult to swipe back to the article I intended to read.
3. Slate’s Android app appears to perform very intelligent content pre-fetching. Moving from article to article is nearly instantaneous. I don’t see the lag often found in other news apps when moving from one article to the next.
The app is currently sponsored by Volkswagen. So, you will see a small relatively unobtrusive advertisement at the bottom of each app page (including podcasts).
I’m very impressed by what I’ve seen (and heard – podcasts) of the app so far.