Slate dabbles in self-loathing

As part of its ten-year anniversary self-congratulation/-flagellation, the venerable online publication invited some of its critics to comment at length on just why they hate it so. And, well, the critics responded:

Vanity Fair columnist Michael Wolff airs personal grievances with some of Slate‘s editors and describes the webmagazine thusly: “as insufferable as Fox News.” Ouch.

“Overall I find it shrill and superficial, a function of the triumph of the blog,” Salon founder David Talbot harrumphs, before closing his short sneer with “George Clooney is my hero.” Huh?

And Los Angeles Times columnist Jonah Goldberg dismisses it with, “Contrarianness for its own sake is often the very definition of asininity.”

OK. But what about using the word “contrarianness” when “contrariness” will do?