Slate Chairman: Trump Is a ‘Danger to Democracy’

"I think this guy’s a menace and a danger to democracy."

Slate Group chairman Jacob Weisberg is the latest guest on the Recode Media podcast, and during the interview, Weisberg opened up about Donald Trump.

Weisberg said he considers Trump to be terrible, but he understood that “Trump is Topic A in a way no one in politics, in my lifetime, has ever been Topic A.” That was part of the reason for launching Trumpcast, a Trump-centric podcast that Weisberg hosts. The other reason? Trump is a real threat.

“I think this guy’s a menace and a danger to democracy, and I wanted that to be the premise of the show,” Weisberg explained. “It’s going to take a long time to recover from this. America looks like a very different place, even if Trump loses but gets 45 percent of the vote.”