Slate Chairman: The Daily Has ‘condescending view of the audience.’

Ever since The Daily debuted, people have been lining up to attack it for everything from bugs (it has needed two updates already) to slow loading times. Slate Chairman Jacob Weisberg, speaking to Columbia University journalism students last week, didn’t take issue with the technical side of The Daily, but he did attack pretty much everything else.

He compared the content to that of USA Today (gasp!), and likened it to a star high school quarterback – all flash and no substance. “It’s very attractive, but if you read the articles, they’re 600 words long and they sort of digest what you know already,” he said.

Weisberg also told the students that he hopes they never seek a career at The Daily, and just in case anyone didn’t grasp the overall theme of his speech, he said, “It’s just a bad version of a newspaper in electronic form with a very condescending view of the audience.”

While we won’t hold our breath waiting to see if Wesiberg becomes EIC at The Daily, FishbowlNY will be waiting to judge the iPad newspaper. The Daily is a completely new venture, it needs time to work out the kinks that come from doing something that’s never been done before. And as far as the content, we think it’s got plenty of talented staffers, and eventually it’ll find its voice.

It’s easy to hate on The Daily right now, but let’s give it at least six months before declaring it a colossal failure. If it’s still wonky then, have at it.