Skype WiFi Phone from NETGEAR

This is first phone who is made only to use with Skype calls. It works using WiFi technology and it means you can call only from places where WiFi is available. This phone is made by NETGEAR who is working on different network products and solutions.

Phone will be available to buy on July 2006 and tou will be able to buy it on Skype accessories shop.

Skype phone features:

  • Call anyone else on Skype, anywhere in the world for free, no PC required
  • Make and receive Skype phone calls wherever you have WiFi, wireless Internet access
  • Call any phone worldwide for pennies per minute and with NO MONTHLY FEES
  • Manage your contact list and displays who’s available to talk
  • Can forward your calls to your mobile, landline or to another Skype Name

The price for this device will be approximately 250$ and I think it is good investment because Skype calls is much cheaper and for USA and Canadian users it is free!

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