Skype To Launch iPad App

Skype is in the process of developing an app for the iPad 2. This is a very cool thing for eBook fans. Not only can you read eBooks on the iPad 2, you can also have virtual book club meetings over Skype, using the company’s new group calling feature.

TUAW has the story: “After plenty of success with the iPhone version of the Skype app, the company is finally releasing an official version for the iPad. Skype hasn’t announced a date for release yet, but video of the app has leaked out online, and the app is expected to be approved soon.”

Rick Osterlohchatting, Skype VP of Consumer and Product Design, told TUAW that the app will include chatting and  audio and video calling at launch, but some features such as the ability to share files won’t be available at launch.

Via Appolicious.