Skype Is Enabling iOS Users To Buy WiFi Access

Image courtesy of Skype

Most people who know of and use Skype use it’s free video and voice chat that works across the Internet between two devices running Skype. However, you can also use Skype to make calls to any phone number at low rates using Skype Credit, and you can even buy a phone number to receive phone calls in Skype. The Skype app essentially turns an iPod Touch into a phone as long as it is connected to WiFi.

Skype users are most likely using Skype at home, and today Skype released an iOS app that enables you to buy Internet access at a number of sites that provide for-pay WiFi by using your Skype Credit. When you start the app it searches for a WiFi network, and if it finds one like Boingo, you can then buy access at rates starting at $0.06 per minute.

Unique to this arrangement is that you strictly pay per minute, and when you are done, you stop paying. Most services like Boingo sell you a day’s worth of access for a flat rate, which means if you only need to connect for a few minutes to check e-mail, you are paying a relatively high price. While Skype is doing this so that people can easily use their service on the go from more locations, I assume that once you pay and gain access you can access any part of the Internet.

To use the service you need a Skype account and purchase Skype Credit. The Skype WiFi app is free and available for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. On Saturday, August 20th users can try the service for free for one hour.