Skype Gift Cards Now Available on Facebook and Skype Shop

Skype just made gifting a lot easier for its users. The Microsoft company updated its service today with a new e-gift feature, allowing users to send each other Skype credits on PC and MAC. Users can even customize each simple Skype design with a personal message and value.

The messaging company is encouraging users to use its birthday notifications as a great opportunity to keep in touch. Skype to Skype calls are always free but the credits can be used to make calls and send texts to mobile devices anywhere in the world. Skype credit can also be used to get online at any one of Skype’s wi-fi hotspot locations.

Skype’s egifting venture coincides with Facebook’s launch of its own branded gift cards for select merchants. Given Facebook’s less than stellar profits from its gift platform, the  new product still has to prove its monetary merit for uninspired investors. Remember when Facebook gifts were $1 images?

Skype is certainly capable of maintaining its own card shop regardless of Facebook’s gift popularity. Skype gift cards were introduced last year and are still available at participating locations like Target and Office Max. Digital cards are available online at Skype Shop or on Skype’s Facebook page.