Skype for Mac 1.5 Beta now available

Today Skype announced that new Skype for Mac 1.5 is availiable as Beta version. And what is most important – the video preview is also finally available for Mac users.


Yes, the preview means that the video is before even Beta version, but I’m glad that Skype finally pay attention to Mac users and have remembered that such people exists. I like this sentence also very much – Video has arrived – If you’re brave! – I even see how Mac users are clicking on the Download button after reading so optimistic slogan. 🙂
I’m also very glad to read that they also admit their slow work on video for Mac.

“I’m happy to write this because video has been the number one thing requested in Skype for Mac since… well, pretty much ever since we released Skype a few years ago.”

Anyway – they finally started to improve life for Mac users and that is fantastic. I hope that Mac version of Skype will be some day so good as Skype version for PC! (Keep dreaming…)