Skype Extras – Radio

With the new Skype 3.0 we have access to Skype Extras which considerably extends possibilities of Skype and gives users to entertain and interact with each other. One of the greatest extra from my angle of view is Internet Radio.

Skype And Last FM

For many readers, I think, isn’t unknown title, but if you don’t know anything about it is internet radio that analyze your favorite artists and offer you to listen to artists that you may like. Now Skype users also have possibility to use radio together with other extras.

– Personal ad-free radio based on your favourite artist
– Real-time information about the artist you’re listening to
– Share what you’re listening to with your mood message (displays the current track next to your Skype name)
– Tell a friend – recommend the current track you’re listening to
– Unintrusive – the radio will fade in and out when you receive calls.

I recommend this Skype extra for all music fans, because i think Internet radio is the best. If you have other Skype extra that you think is the greatest don’t be shy and drop a comment below and share your opinion with others.

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