Skype Ads Target Twitter And Promise More ‘Human’ Conversations

In an ad campaign designed to encourage folks to ‘return’ to face-to-face communication, Skype is attempting to position itself as mankind’s “one way ticket back to humanity.” As their target audience appears to be folks who spend a good amount of time online, we’re wondering how many will want to be “video-ready” on a moments notice. And what’s the next step? “Outside ready” for real person-to-person interaction? Eek!

Skype isn’t only taking aim at Twitter, it’s targeting Facebook as well – and texting too! But as least Facebook (like Google+) has video chat capabilities. Twitter does not and that’s unfortunate because “humans,” says Skype, “were made to look, listen and feel.”

We didn’t know that Skype had mastered “feeling” things – did you? Well, maybe that part was a mistake. Point taken, regardless. Skype also (rightfully) asks:

Answer: Immediately after it became okay to phone her and just before it became okay to video chat her, rather than visit in person.

All in all, the campaign seems pretty clever, but as noted above, it won’t get many overly-involved media types to give up working in their jammies so they can have face-to-face time with a coworker. Skype is popular right now for its phone calls and text features as well as for its video capabilities and that won’t change overnight. But it will change eventually, no doubt. Guess Twitter has reason to worry.

And how is Twitter handling this? It seems to be feeling a little unsure of itself actually, if this question from the Twitter survey (sent earlier today) is any indication:


Does Twitter feel human to you? I ranked it a 7, poor dears. The conversations are immediate and interesting and I have no interest in replacing my texts with video chats . . . yet. Do you?

(Video chat image from Shutterstock)