Skype 3.0 for Windows Mobile Released: SMS & File Transfer Supported

Skype annnounced that the latest version of their Voice over IP (VoIP) app for Windows Mobile is available…

Skype 3.0 for Windows Phones

This new version adds support for SMS text messaging and file transfer.

Ironically, the download web page for Windows Mobile found at…

…doesn’t render correctly in Windows Mobile’s web browser. In fact, the download link is completely obliterated in Internet Explorer Mobile. So, here’s a directly link to the Skype Windows Mobile CAB file using the Mobile Tiny URL service which creates a minimum keystroke compressed URL that is phone keypad friendly.

I installed it on an HTC TyTn (touch screen) Windows Mobile 6.0 smartphone. And, it seems to work as expected based on my brief initial testing. I’ll test it a bit more and, perhaps, record a mini-podcast to provide a sound quality sample.