Skype 1.3 for iPhone Released: Call Quality Indicator Added

Skype released version 1.3 for the iPhone last week…

Skype for iPhone 1.3 now available (Skype blog)

Skype 1.3 (iTunes App Store)

However, I didn’t get around to trying it until this past weekend. Here’s what’s new in this update:

– Landscape mode for instant messaging
– Call quality indicator: Tap the little green dot found in the upper right corner during a call
– Hints and tips

Skype fixed a problem where calls were dropped after returning to a call that was in hold mode. FYI: I managed to crash Skype by simply starting it up. So, there are still bugs left to be squashed.

Skype notes two features not available in this update: Making a call over 3G (WiFi only) and push notifications.

The sound quality seemed quite good during my brief tests.